Feel free to watch this Video tutorial to learn how to order your unique bags. Or click on this link ‘DESIGN TEST’ and try designing your one of a kind in just a blink.

Make a Statement with Ugly Bagz Custom Made / Bespoke Luggage

Do you appreciate out of the ordinary items? Are you the type of person that loves to make your own statement wherever you go? If so, you should definitely look into Ugly Bagz bespoke luggage.

With Ugly Bagz made to order luggage and custom made luggage bags you will never again have to sort through several look-alike bags to find your own. Now, your bespoke luggage will be immediately identifiable once it comes out on the airport baggage carousel.

In carrying your custom made travel bag and custom made luggage bags, you’ll be the envy of every other traveller forced to have the same old look-alike luggage and resorting to ugly tape and stickers to try and make theirs identifiable from all the others in the airport.

Design Your Own Custom Made Luggage

At Ugly Bagz, we put you in the driver’s seat by making you the designer of your own bespoke leather luggage. We have developed a design system that allows you to create your own bespoke leather luggage design from the wide range of patterns we have made available online at our website. You can also add text to your design that spells out whatever is on your mind.

Or simply upload your own pattern, logo or image. Make a statement when you travel the world with custom made luggage. Design your own logo or image and have it expertly printed on your own

Bespoke Leather Luggage is Both Fun and Practical

If you are regularly travelling with a group or team, made to order luggage is perfect for you and your friends. Not only will you be making a group statement by having your group or team logo printed right on custom made luggage, but baggage handlers will easily be able to sort your group’s luggage and identify your bags by their logos and designs.

No more looking through ID tags affixed to luggage to determine which bags belong to which group. With your made to order luggage you will quickly be able to sort your luggage and be on your way, avoiding all the confusion that can occur when trying to match luggage with their owners.

With custom made luggage you also won’t have any trouble spotting a group or team member in a crowded airport, train or bus station by their custom made travel bag. Our bespoke luggage allows you to have your logo and design with the different group members names as well.

Materials of Ugly Bagz Made to Order Luggage

Ugly Bagz are constructed of leather backed with a hard shell of polycarbonate. Our leather outer layer contains a unique protective coating that permeates the leather and protects against abrasions and stains leaving your bespoke leather luggage looking like new even after years of use.

You’ll be proud to carry your custom made travel bag wherever you go without worrying about the safety of your belongings. Your custom made travel bag will be up to the daily challenges of travelling.